Established 1989

Save the Franklin Battlefield Inc.

Established in 1989, STFB is a non-profit 501(c)(3), all volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of Civil War sites in Franklin and Williamson County Tennessee.

Chip Statue in the Franklin Civil War Site

How We Do It

For over 35 years, STFB has worked to educate, raise awareness, and build support for the need to save significant battlefield sites in Franklin and Williamson County. Our approach is three-fold.


We work to identify target battlefield parcels and partner with other local, state, and national historical preservation organizations for purchase


We keep a watchful eye and warn of threatened encroachment onto the battlefield. We conduct historical research and education to inform on battlefield location and actions.


We empower the public through immersive education and active engagement with hopes to inspire a deep pride and reverence for Franklin's Civil War history.

Battle of Franklin Map
American Battlefield Trust

The Battle of Franklin​

On November 30, 1864, 100 regiments of the South’s best soldiers, 20,000 men in all, deployed along a two-mile-wide front and began a spectacular converging assault upon 17,000 Federals strongly entrenched on the southern edge of the small town of Franklin, Tennessee. What occurred over the next five hours at Franklin was one the great cataclysmic tragedies of the American Civil War. For the size of the forces engaged and the short duration of the fighting, the Battle of Franklin ranks among the great blood baths of the Civil War, or of any other American war. This horrific battering of the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Franklin and its near-disintegration two weeks later after the Battle of Nashville essentially ended the war in the Western Theater. 

We need your help as we continue our work to save or reclaim more of the Franklin battlefield.


Help us Save the Franklin Battlefield

Our work relies on the active participation of members and their generous support through donations. By becoming a member or making a donation, you play a crucial role in safeguarding our rich history. 100% of the proceeds from memberships and donations directly fund civil war preservation efforts, ensuring that your support has a direct and meaningful impact on preserving these hallowed grounds for future generations to cherish and learn from..



Civil War Sites in Williamson County

A Compendium of Civil War Sites In Williamson County for Possible Battlefield Parks – A 2003 summary of known battlefield parcels that could be saved as Battlefield Parks and linked with an interpretative program

Franklin Battlefield Preservation General Timeline

A compilation of information from newspaper clippings, STFB newsletters, other historical sources to place the important milestones and turning points of the battlefield preservation journey here in Franklin. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers and donors have been part of this march over the past 150 years (a work-in-progress)

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STFB Monthly Board Meeting

The monthly STFB Board Meeting is held the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Heritage Foundation Offices, 112 Bridge Street Franklin Tennessee. This is a working Board Meeting to discuss the business and projects of STFB. All members, prospective members, and interested parties are welcome to attend. For information, call 615-500-6612.

See STFB in Action

Joint Preservation Efforts

Participation in joint efforts with other local and national preservation groups to purchase and preserve battlefield land.

Loring's Advance

In 2011, STFB worked with the Civil War Preservation Trust for purchase of the 5 acre Loring’s Advance parcel from Loring’s Advance LLC, a group of concerned local neighbors who had formed and purchased the property in 2001 to save from development. STFB began maintaining and clearing the property and in 2014, STFB acquired a narrow parcel that connects Lorings Advance to Meadowlawn Drive for a maintenance access. Today, the site is preserved with conservation easement and interpretive signage.

Collin's Farm

In 2001, STFB purchased 3.22 acre Collins Farm on the Franklin Battlefield eastern flank and raised funds to pay it off by 2005. In 2007 the Collins Farm parcel was transferred to City of Franklin and is today open to the public with interpretive signage.


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