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 Battle of Franklin

142nd Anniversary

 November 30, 2006


On November 30, the Battle of Franklin's 142nd anniversary, STFB volunteers and many others worked with one eye on the weather while placing 10,000 candle luminaries around the town square in honor of the dead, wounded, and missing resulting from the 1864 carnage.  Wind, cold, and rain were forecasted, but Franklin residents were determined the event would take place regardless.


A large group of STFB volunteers came together on the Tuesday night previous to assemble 2,500 luminaries, fully one quarter of the total, and ready them for deployment into the square at noon on the 30th. The weather held and after a Herculean effort by all involved, the square was filled with the 10, 000 glowing luminaries


After opening comments by Franklin Mayor Tom Miller, Confederate and Union bands marched into the city center from the north and the south, accompanied by respective color guards, and assembled at the base of the monument. The two bands alternated playing Northern and Southern tunes such as the "Red, White and Blue", the "Bonnie Blue Flag," and "Stonewall Jackson's Way". The two bands finally formed a "reconciliation" band to play "Home Sweet Home", the "Star Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful."


After the bands finished, church bells began tolling in the gathering dusk. "These luminaries represent 10,000 husbands, brothers and sons," Mayor Miller noted in his remarks to the crowd, "I hope we can do this every year.


Mayor Miller makes opening comments at the 142nd Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin Commemoration Ceremony.  

The Color Guards stand at attention during the ceremony.


The Confederate and Union Bands, provided by Olde Towne Brass Band perform during the ceremony. 

  The 10,000 luminaries surrounding the Confederate monument at sunset provided a moving tribute.


Many STFB members contributed countless hours of hard work to ensure a memorable event.

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