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An all volunteer non-profit organization 

dedicated to the Preservation, Protection,

and Promotion of Civil War Sites in

Williamson County, Tennessee.


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On November 30, 1864, 100 regiments of the South's best soldiers, 20,000 men in all, deployed along a two-mile-wide front and began a spectacular converging assault upon 17,000 Federals strongly entrenched on the southern edge of the small town of Franklin, Tennessee.

What occurred over the next five hours at Franklin was one the great cataclysmic tragedies of the American Civil War. For the size of the forces engaged and the short duration of the fighting, the Battle of Franklin ranks among the great blood baths of the Civil War, or of any other American war. This horrific battering of the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Franklin and its near-disintegration two weeks later after the Battle of Nashville essentially ended the war in the Western Theater.

We need your help as we continue our work to save more of the Franklin battlefield even as development pressures increase and threaten to swallow up all that is left of this hallowed ground. 


 Loring's Advance Tour Video

On a recent public tour of Loring's Advance, Eric Jacobson provided a stirring account of the action on this property and why saving it is so important.  Click on the image below to view a video of his presentation, enhanced with maps and photographs.


Video and Editing by Bob Henderson






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