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145th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin

Civil War Days

November 27-30, 2009


On Friday November 27th, the Union army began arriving at the Carter House on Columbia Pike in Franklin. Taking possession of the Carter’s home and farm, the army set up camp, posted sentinels, and began cooking supper. Members of the 5th and 9th Kentucky Infantry, 1st Tennessee and 17th Missouri Infantry were present.

At the Carnton Plantation, the Confederate Army were making camp also. Members of the army were 1st Tennessee and 46th Tennessee Infantry, along with 26th Alabama Infantry.

The battle began at 2:30 on November 28th when the Confederate Artillery opened fire on the Union Infantry as they rushed to make earthworks north of the Carnton Plantation. Three artillery pieces were in place on the Union line and returned fire for several minutes. Under the leadership of Captain Greg Zelinske, the 17th Missouri and 1st Tennessee Infantry deployed and returned fire. The second company under the leadership of 1st Sergeant David Hosch, second sergeant Bill Sanders also deployed to the left to face the Confederate advance. Thanks to the 7th Tennessee Dismounted Cavalry, with repeating arms, the day was saved from the Confederates taking the victory.

The Confederate advance under the leadership of Colonel Joe Grosman, along with support from Captain Dave Belcher, 46th Tennessee and Captain Tod Richardson, 26th Alabama Infantry, the charge toward the Union line was spectacular. The battle lasted about an hour with plenty of artillery support from both sides.

The Sunday battle was also well presented with infantry charges and artillery support lasting about one hour. A special thanks and mention goes to the artillery batteries that helped make the re-enactment a success. Freeman’s Battery, Muscle Shoals, Ala. Buckner’s Battery, Louisville, Ky., Porter’s Battery, Clarksville and Tennessee Ridge, TN, Greg Calloway’s Battery, Nashville, TN. Also, to the number of men that joined these companies without designated regiments. Also, a special thanks to 1st Tennessee Infantry for portraying both U.S. and C.S troops.

The event organizers were the Carter House, Carnton, Save the Franklin Battlefield Inc, the Franklin Battlefield Task Force, and the Franklin City Parks Dept. These groups fully understand and appreciate the considerable effort and expense borne by these reenactors and volunteers in order to make this 145th Anniversary event a great success here in Franklin.

On November 30th, 2009 at 4;00 p.m., the annual march from Winstead Hill to the Carter House was conducted in memory of the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin. Approximately 30 re-enactors and 40 Civilians participated. It was the final act in a very full and meaningful weekend for all.

Aerial photos were made by Snap Roll Aerial Photography and can be seen at their web site.



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