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"Why Franklin Matters" Symposium

June 21-23, 2007



A recent symposium titled “Why Franklin Matters” was sponsored by several local preservation groups including Save the Franklin Battlefield (STFB).  The weekend event included lectures from several local historians and experts on the November 1864 battle with a central theme being heritage tourism and Franklin’s overall significance in the war.  Almost 200 history enthusiasts from all walks of life attended including Alice Richardson of Central Point, Oregon.  “I have heard a lot about what is going on in Franklin so I decided to go check it out,” Richardson said.  Members of STFB assisted with various tours, logistics and lectures over the weekend and worked to make our guests welcome.   Board member Bobby Hargrove coordinated the living history event at the Carnton Plantation which featured about 100 reenactors who brought their period gear and set up a working camp for the weekend.  Included were two artillery pieces fired several times to the delight of the symposium attendees.  “I had no idea what all was involved in shooting cannon,” said local attendee Beth Brown.  “And the camp has been a great learning experience.”

The living history camp was set up on the 110 acres of recently purchased battlefield ground adjoining the Carnton Plantation.  It was over these grounds that men of Confederate General William Loring’s division crossed in their attack on the Union left.  And on these same acres several Confederate reunions were held after the War.   “Our camp was about where a major reunion was held after the war,” said Hargrove.  “And it gave me chills to think about it.”

A symposium is being planned for 2008 with plans to possibly include other Middle Tennessee war topics.


  Living History Camp

Photos by Chris Cuomo / SCENE THROUGH THE LENS



A Group of Symposium Attendees is welcomed to Camp









Artillery Demonstration













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