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Triune Earthworks Tour

 April 1, 2006



April 1 in Triune, Tennessee saw 50 brave souls tramping the low ridge north-east of the town's crossroad. They were following and listening to Fred Prouty, Director of Programs for the Tennessee Wars Commission explain the construction and Civil War events related to these extensive earthworks.

The Triune earthworks, long hidden beneath forest, are said to be some of most extensive remaining works in the South. Even the oldtimers were impressed with the tour.  "I had never seen these before. And I had no idea of the extent and condition of these fortifications," said Bobby Hargrove, himself a native of nearby Franklin and STFB Board Member.

STFB made some new friends, sold a few books and maps, but most importantly had six new members sign up to join our future efforts. Many attendees made it a point to thank Fred for the excellent tour, and for STFB arranging it. The earthworks are on private land and tours can only be arranged every few years. A huge STFB thank you goes to Fred Prouty for helping us schedule the tour and arranging perfect weather.



Tour Photographs




Fred Prouty addresses the crowd










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