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Stop 24

Carnton Plantation

National Landmark

1345 Carnton Lane




During the Civil War, Carnton was the home of Colonel John and Carrie McGavock, featured in the best-selling novel, Widow of the South.  As the Battle of Franklin began, Confederate General W.W. Loring’s division swept across the grounds of Carnton to meet cannon fire and rifle crossfire from the eastern Federal line a few hundred yards away.  Many of these soldiers were carried back to Carnton, grievously wounded, as were their comrades from other parts of the battlefield.  More than three hundred wounded and dying soldiers filled the rooms, the veranda, and the grounds surrounding the house.  The bodies of at least three Confederate generals, Cleburne, Granbury and Strahl, were laid out on the back porch after the Battle.  Carnton Plantation is open for tours.

Website: Historic Carnton Plantation



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Leaving Carnton, turn right at the entrance to the Confederate Cemetery.




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