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Roper's Knob Tour

 October 25, 2008


On October 25, a group of approximately 45 intrepid STFB members and guests gathered to scale Roperís Knob on a tour led by Tennessee State Archeologist Ben Nance.  Ben was the project supervisor for the archeological evaluation of the site, and also authored the 2001 report on the teamís findings.  

After a welcome by STFB Vice-president Chris Cuomo, we were off following a path cleared for us by the City of Franklin Parks Department on a tract recently transferred to the City by the Heritage Foundation.  We paused at a level area on the southeast side of the upper knob called the Platform and followed the flat Terrace, about 80 feet below the summit of the hill where it is likely that troops camped.  We then faced a challenging climb up the steep earthen Ramp which Federal troops used to haul heavy artillery up to the level of the redoubt.  At the summit, Ben described the redoubt, blockhouse and other features which were present on the site.  The commanding view of the countryside made it easy to understand why the site was useful as a signal station to Triune and Brentwood.  The tour concluded with a visit to the site of a stone house at the base of the hill which predated the fortifications and which likely was dismantled and its materials used in the construction.   

Thanks to Ben for leading an informative and enjoyable tour and for sharing his knowledge of Roperís Knob with us.  We all left with a renewed interest and appreciation for the value of preserving this important site.

Click on the link below for a summary archaeology report on Roper's Knob by Ben Nance (See page 83)

Archaeological Investigations on Roper's Knob


  Click on the image at left to read the Roper's Knob Historical Marker  

Tour Photographs



Ben Nance, State Archaeologist describes features at the summit



Examining carvings in the stone outcroppings



Descending the Ramp

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