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STFB Annual Meeting

 November 13, 2005


On November 13, 2005, Joe Smyth, STFB President, called to order the Annual Membership Meeting of Save The Franklin Battlefield, Inc.


Sam Huffman, STFB Treasurer, reported on the 2005 activities. These included the February 21 Collins' Farm destruction. Franklin's Charge breakfast, Arbor Day Federal encampment at Pinkerton Park-Ft. Granger, Carnton/Franklin's Charge celebration, the October 21 Preservation March, Collins' Farm winterization, monthly Newsletter publication, an average of one group workday per month with many individuals working additional days, and the November 30 Piazza Hut and Country Club transfer.


Sam Gant, STFB Secretary, conducted the election of the Board of Directors. After Briefly discussing the October 10, 2005, Amended By-Laws noting that officers of the organization now are to be elected by their fellow Board members, he placed for approval by the assembled membership a slate of current Board members. Board members Suzanne Bums, Harold McMurtry, Joe Smyth and Mike Walker whose terms expire in 2005 have consented to nomination for another three-year term on the STFB Board of Directors, the term ending in 2008, Their names were placed in nomination. They were approved by acclamation.


Joe Smyth acknowledged the service of STFB Board member David Fraley who has served as long-time Board member and in recent years as vice president. At the November Board meeting, David announced his resignation from the Board effective November 13, 2005, citing his commitment to an extremely heavy workload as necessitating his resignation.


Joe Smyth introduced Rick Warwick, Williamson County historian and newly-appointed member of the Tennessee Historical Commission as the keynote speaker for the 2005 STFB Annual Membership Meeting. 


Rick Warwick discussed and presented maps on the Civil War era topography of Carnton Plantation's McGavock's Grove (Country Club of Franklin site) and gave information about the September 15, 1892, Confederate Reunion. This reunion took place at McGavock's Grove "where the battle was fought—the trees still bearing scars of the battle."  He also gave a great deal of information related to the restoration of the battlefield park. At the end of the discussion, Joe Smyth expressed appreciation to Rick Warwick for his presentation and presented him with a token of this appreciation.


Joe Smyth thanked the audience for attending the Annual Meeting and invited STFB members to attend monthly STFB Board meetings. He then adjourned the meeting. 

  President Joe Smyth addresses the annual meeting. Rick Warwick discusses the Eastern Flank.  
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